Vivid Sydney 2014
Interview by Jess Scully, VIVID Sydney

Hey internet — Sara here. My consulting practice and custom-trainings are aimed at helping companies leverage the changing paradigm of digital content, from which I’ve developed several contrarian theories that have shifted the way companies think about reaching their users.

Previously, I was the Founding Editorial Director of Upworthy — named “the fastest-growing media company of all time” by Fast Company — and have worked at and co-founded an intellectual property firm. I have been a long-time advocate, organizer, and communicator for anti-poverty efforts in Washington DC and Central America. The one common thread in my career has been connecting with users in digital formats.

To hire me to speak, train, or consult on growth, content strategy or why best practices kill innovation, please contact me here. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

“Sara Critchfield represents a generation of new political and social leaders who are not only using the Internet to advance their ideas but who are questioning the way technology is changing human behavior, social norms, economies, institutions, government, and culture.”
– Andrew Rasiej: Founder, Personal Democracy Media


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Philly Weekly Cover (April, 2014)

Named one of 2013’s Most Intriguing People in Media by min, I often speak at industry conferences on growth, social media, and virality. My past appearances have included the White House, the National Credit Unions Annual Conference, Personal Democracy Forum, SXSW, VIVID Sydney, the National Association of Realtors, Netroots Nation, and lecturing at USC’s Annenburg School for Journalism and other universities. I have been featured in Harvard Business Review, PBS, CBC, New York Magazine, Fast Company, Business Insider, Bleacher Report, and Nieman Journalism Lab.

To hire me to speak, train, or consult on growth, virality and media, contact me here.

I’m often quoted for saying, “Don’t forget to use your emotions as data!” — a phrase I picked up from my beloved academic advisor while getting a MS in Leadership & Management at the University of Pennsylvania. I am also a trained visual communicator, with a BA in Graphic Design.


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