I have a track record of success in developing target audiences, attracting millions of unique visitors, and effectively positioning businesses as credible leaders.

Nothing I do is cut and paste; I customize every project according to the client’s needs and resources, according to where I think I’ll add the most value in relation to their full-time staff.

The phrase I use most often while I’m consulting is: “I’ve got strong opinions — weakly held.” This speaks to my accountability to testing and data but my passion for producing real change.

For a custom quote, please contact me here. I’ll get back to you in 12 hours or less. Let’s be bold together.


Here is a sample of my most commonly requested services:

  • Audience Development Strategy – Paid and Organic
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Testing & Optimization of Headlines and Images
  • Hiring – building Aud Dev, Analytics, and Editorial Teams, positioned for growth
  • UX & Product Audits – optimizing websites for maximum conversions
  • Editorial Audits – is your editorial product optimized to resonate with your audience?
  • Staff Development – work with one or more of your staff to develop a certain skill over a short period of time (headline writing, Facebook strategy, etc.)
  • Trainings & Workshops (see below)
  • Corporate Culture & Reorganization
  • Virtual Workplace Strategy


Teaching is what I do best. I have lead many on-site and digital staff trainings. Longer trainings take the form of a workshop where we get our hands dirty and put theory into practice. I’m a firm believer in experiential learning.

The following are my top three most-requested trainings:

  1. Headline Writing (aka “Clickable Packaging”)
  2. The Analytics of Virality
  3. Best Practices for Leveraging Traffic Through Social Media
training at the White House   masterclass vivic  vivid5


“You are quite simply one of the most talented people I have ever worked with.”- Eli Pariser // Founder,

“I have never seen anyone turn a room filled with skeptical journalists around as quickly as you did in three days with our staff.”- Jonathan Dahl // former Wall Street Journal & current Managing Editor,

“You did such a great job of demonstrating how thoughtful and strategic our process really is. I know the usual sales ethic is to treat clients with kid gloves, but as someone coming from a consulting background, clients really appreciate thoughtful and strategic thinking–albeit communicated delicately. The point is, you kicked ass on this deal, and that’s not coming from a desire to cheerlead but from a place of real respect.” Liz Kiehm // Sales Lead,

“We were just chatting around the office about your presentation, and how nice it was to have an outsider who actually researched the real estate industry before coming to speak. So, thanks for putting on a session worth covering!” – Meg White // Multimedia Web Producer, REALTOR® Magazine

“If we had paid triple your fee, I would have thought it was worth every penny.” – Aneesh Raman // Audience Development Lead,

“Just wanted to comment on how in awe I am of your awesome leadership, organization, and efficiency. I hail from Hollywood — worse, TV — and my entire day is spent dealing with your opposite over and over again. Your very existence is quite inspiring!” – Diana Nguyen // TV Producer and Co-Founder, New Birch Productions


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